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Portable Ladder Fire Truck

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Portable Ladder Fire Trucks


Covered by aluminium plate, with aluminium shutter

Water tank

Between 1000 lt. – 10.000 lt. for 4x2 or 6x2 or 6x4 trucks stainless plate

Foam Tank

Between 250 lt. – 500 lt. stainless plate

Powder Tank

Between 125 kg. – 800 kg.

First Intervention Reel

30 m – 60 m 1” gun (PN 40)

Water/ Foam Monitor

Suitable for pump capacity


Low pressure 10 bar High pressure 40 bar
Flowrate: 2000 lt./min. – 6000 lt./min.
Low pressure 250 lt./min. – 500 lt./min. High pressure

Electrical System

American light bar (in parties), illumanition projectors, telescopic projektors

AccesoriesRescue sets (pickaxe, shovel, axe etc.) generator lenses, foam gun, helmet, suction hose, cotton hose, GPR (optional)