40x30x20 cm Attached Lid Container

Model No:ALC4320
External Dimension: : 400x300x200 (h) mm
Wegiht: : 1350 Gram
Material: : PPC
Color Range : Blue

Product Details

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Attached Lid Containers in many sizes and styles for shipping, picking and storage.  Ideal for applications in distribution, grocery and general manufacturing, these containers deliver long-lasting, cost-saving performance.

Features and Benefits;

Reusable Containers nest for maximum space usage with lids open

Ergonomic handles for easy lifting

Easy-to-clean interiors

Optimized nesting capacity;

Nestable - reduces freight costs

Long-life reusable container

Integral lids for strength and security

Lock and tamper evident option

Reinforced flat base suitable for automation

Ergonomic handles on both sides

RFID/IML (optional)

An area for a removable label