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Classic Range Surgical Instruments

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The raw forged materials of the medical instruments are converted into a finished product in our company according to the orders from our customers. Besides modern production machinery tried and tested techniques are also used in production.

Our products under the title of classical surgery are rich enough to meet the needs of the surgical branches in schools of medicine and hospitals. Medical Instruments for general surgery, orthopedic surgery, brain surgery, ENT, cardio-vascular surgery, urology, eye surgery, electrosurgery, microsurgery, gynaecology, plastic and reconstructive surgery are produced in our facilities.

Our classical instruments are prepared from high quality forged stainless steel. Every aspect of production is run carefully. Excellent corrosion resistance, high functionality and durability are achieved by applying the appropriate heat treatment process for surgical stainless steel.

Production is on demand from customers: so orders can be for single instruments, multiple instruments or sets.