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Banbao Big Fire Set 1285 Pieces

Model No:8355
Model: : Fire
Age: : 5-10 Age

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The intellectual development of your child playing with toys bamboo has growing up. Imagination expands the limits of good memories with you while your contributions are gathered.

To blockthe childfrom hispart-whole relationshipsallows you to be prepared forby establishingmath problems.

To play the gameof intelligence andskill-buildingactivity.Setting upa gamedevelopment, the intellect will appeal to finalization stage.

Establishing a relationship ofthe wholepiece, quarter,half and fullconcepts such aslearning, completion, disposal,you can usethese materials forcollection, such asto enter into mathematical terms.

Psychosocialof children, contributes to their physical and mental development.Feedstheir imagination and creativitysuch aswould satisfythe feelings ofwonder andallows them to learn.

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