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40x60x7 cm Pizza Dough Container

Model No:EB6407
External Size: : 400x600x70 (h) mm

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Their most common use is to preserve dough inside pizzeria and bakery drawings, ready to use. For this reason they’re made in polypropylene and polyethylene, the best materials for the intense use they’re destined for. Designed to be robust, they not only have high thickness but also utilise various strengtheners; yet they’re still easy to handle and slide around, thanks to the rounded borders and the soft, light plastic used. 

Containers made of polyethylene for food use resistant to low and high temperatures (from -20°C to +90°C).
Stackable and perfectly packable on EUR pallets.
• Perfect for dough conservation and storage.
• They do not absorb the odours.
• Easy to clean.
• Dish washable.