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Automatic Shuttle Storage Shelves

Model No:AS

Product Details

It is a high density semi-automatic storage system that eases the loading and unloading of materials along the shelf corridors through a radio controlled carrier called Shuttle.

In this deeply loading system, maximum storage will be provided in the area. They are moving forward and backward in the rail channels without entering with the forklifts into the storage corridors. The commands given to the shuttle device through a controller are applied according to these commands. The operator makes all the procedures related with the storing and taken from the storage place in a simple form with the remote controller. As a positive difference from the drive-in system, it is not necessary to store the same type of materials in each corridor; and different articles can be stored in the different stories of the same corridor. It is possible to work with the shuttle device for pallets with various dimensions. According to the structure of the building it can be installed for all high buildings. When the system is installed, a statically strong structure is built.