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Dried Apricot

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Dried apricot is a food which is both nutritive and very rich in terms of potassium. Apricot is benefits digestive problems, prevents stress and anemia. Vitamin A is effective for treatment of skin problems.
Dried apricot is put on sulfur rooms to keep its unique color and protect against harmful microorganisms for 6 hours. After this operation apricot continues to be dried under sun.
Origin:  Turkey
Type: Dried Apricot with Sulfur
Package: 5 - 12,5 kg paper box 250/500/750 gr bubble and Pvc  plates, wooden plate.
Special package options are available.

Standard Calibers:
Jumbo           (60 -  80 pcs / kg.)
Number 1     (81 - 100 pcs / kg.)
Number 2     (101 - 120 pcs / kg.)
Number 3     (121 - 140 pcs / kg.)
Number 4     (141 - 160 pcs / kg.)
Number 5     (161 - 180 pcs / kg.)
Number 6     (181 - 200 pcs / kg.)
Number 7     (201 - 220 pcs / kg.)
Number 8     (221 and more pcs / kg.)

Quality Standards
Smell: It should have specific smell. It should not have abnormal smells.
Color: Natural, homogeneous from light brown to dark brown, homogeneous from sulfuric yellow to orange.
Our dried apricots are in a nature that allows for production of goods that accords with TS 485 in terms of physical qualifications.

Foam Plates 200/250/400/500gr/1kg

Pvc Packs 250/400gr

Wood Plates 200/400gr

Cardboard Box 2,5/5/10/12,5kg