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Silage Packer Machine

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Paksan is leading for special solutions, by means of our R&D works, we are proud to present a different pressing machine to the agriculture world. Paksan Ahtapot 640 is highly differentiated with the press- ing and packing method. Ahtapot 640 gives prismatic shape the the bale after wrapping, so that provides better solu- tions in terms of productivity and facility in transport and storage. Also economic, because it does not require net wrapping.

Bale Dimensions80x80x105cm
Bale Weight800 kg
Capacity30-50 bale/hour
Power(Electricity)26 kW+ 2 kW
Stretch Wrapper3
Stretch Type50 cm x 25 mic
Machine Weight3800 kg (excl conveyor)
Machine Length5100 mm
Machine Width2360 mm
Machine Height2800 mm
Motion SystemHydrolic
Control SystemPLC Electronic
FeedingConveyor System