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Vibro separator

Model No:V.SP

Product Details

Vibro separator is the first machine to be used in the facility. It can separate rough particles inside the product as well as fine dust. Prevents clogging of the subsequent sweeper. Facilitates the work of the other machine. Also it can prevent dust in factory . Easy to use and less risk of damage to the dynamic nature for a long life.

This machine is used to clean dust contained in the agricultural products, rough, rubbish, straw etc...
Only this machine is designed for pre-cleaning. This machine must operate on a fixed ground.

There are two sieves (screen) in this machine, the first screen of the rough particles while the second screen is for fine particles such as powder found in the bottom of the first screen. These two sieves have a vibration mechanism to ensure better cleaning process. Thanks to the adjustable screen angle and the angle of the engine, the engine achieves a high capacity required.
There are two types of models in addition to the width 100 cm and 150 cm models.