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Water Tanker Trailer

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Water Tanker

Water tanker is designed to carry and transfer water by pump also incase it is demanded it is used for road cleaning purposes. It can be eliptical, cylindrical or�'D' shape and is made of sheet metal or stainless steel.
There is a manhole on the top of the tank ( 500mm diameter) there are sufficent amount of buffles. 
Ventiation unit which helps the release of excess air and water inside.
Tanker has level indicator. Tank chassis is mounted on the real chassis with flexible connections.
There is a ladder at the rear and catwalk on the tank. On tank, there is a centrifugal type pump exists.
For the easy Access it is mounted on the side of the chassis and take its power from PTO. PTO is controlled from the cab. Tank can be filled by gravity form the top opening or take water from� outsources by suction hoses at most suitable place hose reel is mounted. On the reel there is� � 1" - 20m hose exist.


  • Mudguard powder rubbers
  • Hose locker and tool box
  • 4 units suction hose
  • Couplin wrench
  • Yellow beacon lamp

Water Tanker Trailer

Type : Water tanker trailer 
Tank capacity : 28.000 lt. - 40.000 lt.
Accesories, Motopump, Reel suck and pressing hoses
Chassis and axles are produced referring to highway and TSE norms.