Euroboxes Plastic Storage Container Manufacturer

Business Type:Manufacturer
Location: İstanbul
Annual Turnover: 5.000.000-10.000.000 $
Number of Employees: 51-200 person


In line with its belief in the sector and its long-term growth strategies, Euroboxes has a mission to offer solutions that make a difference with product systems that meet the needs of customers for carrying and storing materials.

our vision
Investing in product-building investments.
Protect your competitive cost structure.
To provide creative solutions that facilitate customer business.
Prioritize research and development activities.
Develop custom "unique" solutions for your customers.
Determine total quality and customer satisfaction as a priority principle.

Euro Containers Perforated
Bale Arm Crates
Euronorm Meat Crates
Bakery Crates / Bread Trays
Beverage Crates
Stack and Nest Crates
Foldable Crates
Euro Containers Solid
Attached Lid Containers
KLT (VDA) Automotive Containers
Transport Chicken Coops
Transport Trolleys&Dollies
Crate Accessories
Plastic Big Boxes
Plastic Pallets
Plastic Waste Containers

Special Production ( ESD, Fireproof etc. )

Linbins & Picking Bins
Clear Plastic Bin Cabinet Drawer
Stacking Bin Sets
LinBin Shelving & Louvre Panel
Clear Plastic Bin Cabinet Turntables

Gastro-Norm Trays & Dishwashing Baskets
Thermobox Containers

Mold Produciton - Special Projects
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